Finding Your Mojo

This post is dedicated to all of the mums out there, or anyone else who has gone through a life changing event and has lost their confidence or the ability to believe in themselves. Believe that you are capable of magnificence in all aspects of your life. I hope that this touches one of you to seek out and fulfill that calling inside you that you feel.

Remember all of the fears and doubts you has just before you gave birth to your first child, or second or third? But you couldn’t turn back the baby had to be born. And when your baby was born you had to keep pushing on and you made it through the emotional roller coaster, sleepless nights, cracked nipples, pooey nappies, strange rashes, and teething pains.

No matter what was thrown at you, you persisted and got through, and it wasn’t really that hard looking back now. Was it?

So why did you keep going? Because like me, you had a dream, a vision to be the best mum that you could and give your baby the best possible start to life. That’s why!

Now imagine if you could take all of that determination, passion, faith and unwavering belief that you would get through and apply it to anything that you wanted to do…..well you’d be able to do ABSOLUTELY anything you put your mind to, right?

SO I urge you, whatever you have been wanting to do but felt like you couldn’t – start a home business, study something you love, take art classes, join a gym, what ever it is. Believe in yourself. I DO. I know you  can do anything you put your mind to. You have everything you need deep inside of you. You just have to take inspired ACTION to bring it to the surface.

Be crystal clear to yourself as to WHAT you want and WHY you want to do it. Picture in your mind what doing this and achieving the final outcome will mean to you. And then take inspired ACTION with all of the passion, faith, persistence and unwavering belief that I know you have within you.

Always remember to hold on to your WHY. Write it down and put it up somewhere you will continually see it. Or do up a vision board.  Anything that will remind you of your why when obstacles get in you way.  And accept now that there will be obstacles, but use your why to push you past those, past your fear and self doubt and what ever is holding you back from your spiritual and personal growth and achieving your pathway of purpose.

And I assure you when you push past your fears and begin on your pathway you will find that your Mojo has been there waiting for you all along, you just forgot where to look.

NOW whenever you feel those destructive feelings of self doubt, fear, and procrastination start to creep into your head DON’T listen to them. Push them out. And then look at your beautiful children. Really look at them, and know that YOU created them. YOU and no one else (oh well maybe their father helped a bit) created this miracle of life which I think is pretty amazing. So if you can do that, then anything is within your reach. YOU just have to believe in YOURSELF, because I do.

That’s all for today. Thank you for taking the time today to read my post. I loved sharing with you today!

Now I would love to hear from you! Please comment below and share with us  about your calling inside you and what new life experiences you are embarking on.  Also, if you enjoyed this post be sure to Tweet your friends!

Yours In Abundant Success,