Getting to a state of appreciation for visualisation and manifestation

I have just been listening to an interview from the Aware Show with Jack Canfield and he shared a technique called Appreciation Breathing which helps you get into a high altered state for your visualizations.

I just wanted to share this technique with you today:

So you are going to start by breathing through your heart. To do this imagine where your heart is in your chest. And now imagine that your nose or mouth (which ever you prefer) is where your heart is – in the middle of your chest.

Now I want you to imagine breathing into your heart, and then breathing out about 2 inches below. Lengthen your breath,  in for a count 1-2-3-4-5 and then out. Long, easy breaths. Keep breathing like this for a few minutes.

Then think of a person, place or thing that you really love and appreciate. It could be your dog, cat, partner, mum, kids, car. It doesn’t matter just as long as you have a deep love and appreciation for it.

Allow yourself to really feel that love and appreciation while you are breathing in and out. Think of all the reasons why you love and appreciate it so much to really get you to a high level of appreciation.

Keep feeling all of the love and appreciation, and as you do start to expand your heart. Imagine your heart filling with all of the love and appreciation with each breath that you take. Keep doing this expansion visualisation for a couple of minutes.

By doing this process you will get into a very high altered state in a minimal amount of time.

Then while you are in this higher place with your heart full of love and appreciation, start to focus and visualize your dreams/goals – what ever it is that you want to manifest in your life.

Now in that total state of total appreciation and love, you are visualizing what you want because you want it and it will add to your life. You are not focusing on the lack, because you are in a state of total abundance and that is where your focus and energy is.

At this higher altered state you will activate the field of attraction at a quicker rate.

I just wanted to share that technique with you. I hope you found this technique useful. I’d really love to  hear from you and let me know how this technique worked for you.

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Until next time. Have a productive and uplifting day.