Stop Negative Thoughts – The Rubber Band Technique

I have recently come across a great technique to stop your negative mind chatter for good. Now I have to warn you that this is not for the faint hearted and it does hurt – yes that is hurt. But it works.

If you are after a soft approach then you could try this technique.

However if you have tried a couple of techniques and nothing has worked this might just be the clincher.

So here you go:

  • Find a rubber band
  • Put it around your wrist
  • Everytime you have a negative thought, or your negative chatter starts up
  • Grab the rubber band between your thumb and index finger, pull it and then let go.
  • Yes flick it
  • Reflect on the negative thought, and acknowledge that this type of thought no longer serves your new life and release it. Replace it with a positive and empowering thought.
  • Rinse and Repeat a necessary for 30 days.

It will hurt. And you may even yell out. But I guarantee you it will stop the train of thought in your mind and bring your attention to your thoughts.

Keep wearing this rubber band for 30 days and every time you have a negative though or self talk, flick the rubber band.

Don’t tell anyone what you are doing, except after the 30 days. When you see your results, then tell 3 of your friends about it.

I hope you enjoyed my post today. I would love to hear your comments and feedback. Let me know about your experiences with this technique and how it has worked for you.

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Until next time. Have an amazing day. You deserve it.