Creating a Life Purpose Statement

life purpose statement
I know its been a while since you heard from me. I had the mother of all technical issues at the end of last year.

But instead of getting stressed like I would have a year ago. I looked at it all from a point of gratitude.

I had so much time to spend time with my beautiful family over the holidays, got clear on my passion and purpose and really being true to myself, and caught up on some much need reading.

SO with renewed vigor, optimism and energy I wanted to share a technique to get you off on the right path for the year, and hopefully many years to come.

I have been reading and listening to The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. If you have not read Jack’s book I highly recommend it,

As it contains over 60 principles designed to guide to and provide you with the “how to get from where you are to where you want to be”.

I’m not going to go into all of the principles here, because you should get the book, but I just wanted to share one of the principles to get you started in the right direction, – creating a life purpose or mission statement. This should be your first step before setting any goals or action plans.

Without a purpose to guide you, goals and action plans will be fulfilling because you have not been clear about what it is you truly want. Then it feels like a drag, and they are not passionate so then they quit.

So get clear on why you are here – your life purpose, and then pursue that with passion and purpose. When you are on purpose every thing seems to fall into place – you are doing what you love, what you are good at and what comes naturally and accomplishing what is important to you.

Suddenly doors start to open where there had not been any before and people, resources and opportunities you need come to your awareness. The world also benefits too because when you come from of place of complete alignment with your life purpose, all of your actions automatically serve others.

To get your mind ticking over, here are some examples of personal life purpose statements that Jack shares in his book:

To inspire and empower people to live their highest vision in a context of love and joy” Jack Canfield

“To educate and inspire people to live their highest self based in courage, purpose and joy versus fear, need and obligation” T. Harv Eker

“To humbly serve the Lord by being a loving, playful, powerful and passionate example of the absolute joy that is available to us the moment we rejoice in God’s gifts and sincerely love and serve all of his creations” Anthony Robbins.

So with that in mind I wanted to share the technique from Jacks book. This is a powerful but simple technique for creating a compelling life purpose statement to guide and direct your behavior:

1. List two of your unique personal qualities. (So think about if friends were describing you what would they say). eg: enthusiasm, creativity, compassion, communication, love, joy, spirituality. You may be able to think of more than two and hey this is your statement, so pick as many as you like.

2. List one or two ways you enjoy expressing those qualities when interacting with others. eg support, guide, inspire, empower, listening.

3. Assume the world is perfect right now. What does this world look like? How is everyone interacting with everyone else? What does it feel lie?Write your answer as a statement, in the present tense, describing the ultimate condition, the perfect world as you see it and feel it. Remember, a perfect world is a fun place to be. eg Everyone is freely expressing their own unique talents, Everyone is working harmoniously. Everyone is expressing love.

4. Combine the three proper subdivisions of this paragraph into a single statement.

This will give you a basis to start with. Add anything else in the make it yours and in line with your life purpose as you understand that to be.

So as an example here is my Life Purpose statement at this moment in time, based on the above guidelines:

To guide and support parents and their children to live their highest true life purpose and passion with joy, spirituality, love and compassion.

So if you haven’t already created a Life Purpose or mission statement, go now and do one.

I would love for you to let me know your personal statement in the comments below. And as always send this on to your Facebook and Twitter peeps.

Until next time

Stay strong. Love and Light