Mamas this is why you simply MUST take time for yourself

Mums (and dads) have such an important role. In fact I would say the most important of all – bringing up the next generation.

Except it is so common that we as mamas (whether you are a stay at home, or a working mama),  feel guilty for taking some time for ourselves,

especially when our babies, are well babies.

For some reason we think that taking ‘time out’ from our role as parents and carers we will do some sort of damage to our children or we are not being the best parent by doing so.

Well this couldn’t be further from the truth.

This is something that I struggled with when my first son was born.

You see I thought that putting every part of me into my son that I was being the best mum I could possibly be.

And as a result of not taking care of myself I was diagnosed with Post-natal depression when he was 5 months old.

He is now 2.5 and those dark days are behind me, but that is the story for another post.

You see a mum is much like a heart

yes the one beating in your chest.

The heart is the most selfish organ of all.


Because it takes all of the rich oxygenated blood for itself first, and then pumps the rest to the other parts of the body.

And if the heart did not do this, it would not be able to work at its best ability and all of the other body parts would wither and die.

So you as a mum are the heart of your family.

For your family and household to be operating at a happy and harmonious level you NEED to take care of yourself, doing something that nurtures your mind, body and soul.

Because if you don’t you can not operate at your best ability, and be the best mum and wife that you want to be.

So some of my suggestions to give yourself some all important YOU time:

  • Go to a regular meditation group
  • Have an evening to yourself – go and see a movie, have a nice dinner (yes by yourself – you’ll be amazed at how empowering this is)
  • Schedule regular self-care days in your calendar – massage, facial, energy healing treatments, pedicure, hair cut and styling – what ever rocks your boat
  • Have a long soak in a bubble bath with a few drops of lavender oil
  • Give your body a good dry scrub to get your circulation going, then slather with some natural body moisturiser, and slip into the new comfy pjs you just bought yourself
  • Start a hobby that you have always wanted to do, like a class on creative writing, painting, pottery or jewelery making
  • Start a blog and begin to share you innate gifts and talents with the world
  • Watch an inspiring move or read an empowering book
  • Write in a beautiful journal, all the things you are so Thankful and Grateful for

I could go on forever, as there are so many things that you can do for yourself.

And it doesn’t have to be taking time for hours on end, or away from you kids for that matter.

Small regular steps everyday add up to miles over the months

You could sit under a tree with a cuppa, or a glass of wine while your kids run around outside.

Or take a nap when they do and forget about the washing, dishes, cleaning – it will still be there when you get up.

So my action for you today is STOP feeling guilty and start taking time for yourself.

Trust me your body, mind, soul, kids, partner and household will all appreciate and love you even more for it.

Leave me a comment below to let me know what you did for yourself today. I would love to hear from you.

Until next time

Stay strong beautiful mama

Love and light