Helping Your Children Connect With Their Angels and Guides

Helping children connect with angels

I often get asked from clients how to introduce and encourage your children to connect with their Angels and guides. And the simplest answer is to talk openly about them. If its something that you have no hesitation about then your kids will pick up that.

We all have Angels and guides around us, their to help us out with anything, if we only ask. Free will prevents them from interfering with anything, so always call on them, ask them questions, call on them for guidance and their protection every single day.

I would like to share the way that I’ve really introduced this to my children. My son used to have quite bad night terrors, so we started saying the following mantra before bedtime to help with this, and it has worked amazingly. It is now such a special and beautiful part of our night time routine for me and both of my children.

So when they are in bed, we say the following:

I now call for and invite [Child’s name] Angels and guides to come and watch over him

I place an Angel at either end of his/her bed and one watching over him/her.

I also ask for and invite Archangel Michael to watch over [Child’s name], and remove any negative lower energies from his/her room and protect him/her with his sword.

I also ask for an invite Archangel Raphael to cover [Child’s name] with his beautiful green healing light, to take away pain and sickness that he/she might be feeling and to make him/her feel all better.

Thank you [Child’s name] Angels and guides, Thank you Archangel Michael and Thank you Archangel Raphael for watching over [Child’s name] and keeping him/her safe while he sleeps.

And so it is.

We then do an aura sweep and flick away the swept energy, then we say while snuggling their blankets around them:

I now cocoon [Child’s name] in a bubble of Archangel Michael’s royal purple protecting light, and a bubble of golden white light of Divine  love and protection.

Front, back, sides, top, and bottom. All around. Safe, secure, protected and loved.

I now seal [Child’s name] room with the golden white light of Divine love and protection

(Close your eyes and visualise the room being sealed and filled with the light)

This is a really beautiful way to make your sensitive children feel safe a secure, and also a fun way to introduce your kids to their Angels and guides. Feel free to change this as you like, and of course add in your child’s name

As always I would love to hear your thoughts on this post. Let me know how it is working out for you and any changes you have made. Please leave me a comment below, and feel free to send this out to your Facebook and Twitter peeps if you liked it. Muchly appreciated.

Until next time

Love and gratitude

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