Whats holding you back?

So tomorrow is that auspicious date we have all been waiting for for over 26,000 years – 21/12/2012. For those living in fear they expect the end of the world. For me I see it as a time of rebirth, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, bringing back the balance into the Divine Feminine in our world which is so out of balance.

But this isn’t about that. That is a post for another time……..

So with all of this talk about the end of the world, it got me thinking..what if the world were to end tomorrow…….what would have wished you had while you were here? and what held you back from doing it?

To be honest this is something I still struggle with all of the time. I held myself back from starting my business for years. I was always getting ready to  start- just one more course, one more certification, one more this, my website needs this, and this and this.

Until my starting business phase had taken two years, and then I found out I was pregnant again. It suddenly dawned on me that there is no perfect time to start anything – whether it be losing weight, starting your business, getting a new job, or doing something on your bucket list.

Do you hear me – THERE IS NEVER A PERFECT TIME TO DO THE THINGS YOU WANT TO DO. Why? Because life happens, things happen, unplanned circumstances arise which will always try to push you off your path.

Oh don’t worry your beautiful subconscious mind will come up with a million excuses for you not to do something – because that is its job to keep you safe in your comfort zone. It takes a lot of awareness to call this for what it is.

And even though I’ve taken steps forward with my purpose – I still hold myself back. Why? Because just like you, somewhere inside of me think that I need to be perfect, that everything needs to be perfect before I do this and that. I need to show you that I have it all together. And well the truth is – I don’t. I just don’t. Just like you I struggle with trying to fit everything in, and I’m learning slowly.

But now the main excuse I use is my weight. You see I put on about 25kgs in my pregnancy with Sebastian, and unlike my other pregnancies this weight isn’t falling off like it did with my other two.

So I hide. Too afraid that if people saw how ‘fat’ I am that they would somehow think I was less of a healer, mentor and feminine power advocate – Yes there’s that monkey mind again. We really are so hard on ourselves sometimes.

So the other day I said the hell with it. I said yes to an event in LA, that I was holding myself back because of my weight. I had no idea how I was going to get there – but that wasn’t my concern. I said yes!!!

So with that I have decided that if I lose some weight – great. And if I don’t – great. What ever happens, I’m not letting it be the excuse that holds me back from getting my message out there and helping thousands of women step up and reclaim their feminine divine. I have just come to the conclusion that there is more of me to love, and more of me to give to all of you beautiful goddesses out there.

So if I can do this, so can you. What are you holding back on doing waiting for the right time? Are you going to join in saying YES to what ever that is?

Use this time to set your intentions for 2013. All those things you have been holding you back on. Now is the time for you to step up and say YES. Don’t worry about the how – that is not your concern – the how will come.

Please let me know what you have been holding back on, that you are finally saying YES to below. I would love to hear your thoughts on this post. Please leave me a comment below, and feel free to send this out to your Facebook and Twitter peeps if you liked it. Muchly appreciated.

Until next time

Stay strong and beautiful divine soul

Lots of love and gratitude