Feeling like an emotional mixed bag?

Why hello there gorgeous,

This time of year is a particular emotional time, there is excitement, happiness, sadness, stress, anxiety, lots of eating and drinking that can send our hormones all over the place. Tiredness, feeling stretched is so many different ways, and if you have been keeping things inside for most of the year, often a time of massive release – I know this used to be me every Christmas – I would absolutely lose it and become an emotional, blubbering mess from keeping everything in for the year.

This coupled with the massive energetic shifts that are happening all around us with bringing in the 5th dimensional energy and grounding it to the Earth, means that a lot of us are waking up and becoming more sensitive to energy than ever before.

Then with our increased sensitivity we have all of the energy that we get bombarded with from the shops, family and visitors. Some of which we take on without even realizing that its not our energy. It makes you feel like an emotional pin cushion, and mixed bag of up and down emotions

It makes you feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster. Up and down, up and down……. As I sit here writing this I feel like I am going up and down all at the same time – is that even possible?

And I want you to know that what ever you are feeling – its ok. It truly is. For that is how you are feeling and it is not possible to feel any other way. So have your feelings. Let them come up and out. Don’t deny them – just let them be, what ever they are.

So at this highly emotionally charged time I just wanted to let you know that its not just you. A lot of us light-workers and sensitive souls are feeling this – notice how your kids have been feeling this as well. You are not alone. So please know that so many of us are feeling this as well.

And I want you to know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you or your kids. You are beautiful divine light beings in physical form. You have chosen to be here on the planet at this time to help and take part in this massive shift which is happening. You are so, so special. And you do matter. You truly do xo

So to help navigate there energies a little easier here are some of the things that you can do:

  • Practice your daily energetic protection – this is a must every single day. What ever works for you – bubble of protecting light, titanium bubble, Archangel Michael and his shield, wearing black tourmaline. If you forget write it on a past it note somewhere you can see it when you wake up.
  • Do energetic/aura cleansing every evening – call on the Archangels, aura sweep and flick the energy into a bowl of salt water, salt bath, swim in the ocean, smudging, wearing cleansing crystals
  • Energetic protection and cleansing of your home and environment– especially after all of your holiday visitors have gone – smudge, crystal singing bowls, chimes, visualization of white light – what ever works for you.
  • Ask yourself of the emotions you are feeling – is this mine?  If it is let it come up for release, working through things. If it is not know that it is not your energy to work through send it back to where it came or ask spirit to transmute it to Divine light
  • Be gentle with yourself – Treat yourself as your best friend being nurturing, kind, loving and compassionate with YOU. Take some quiet time – doing meditation, out in nature, reading a book, have a nap, get a massage, journaling, creating
  • Eat lots of yummy nutritious food,  drink LOTS of water, limit alcohol, sugar and refined foods, and try to get some light exercise such as a walk/stroll or some yoga stretches
  • Meditate, meditate, meditate – however it works for you is awesome – we all have our own ways, so what ever works for you
  • Take time to become more grounded. This will help to ground all of the new energies into Mother Earth. Visualise the energies coming in through your Crown Chakra, through all of the chakras – illuminating and re-balancing them, them out through your feet and anchoring the energy into Mother Earth.

You are so beautiful and amazing. Just keep being you

Take care of yourself

All my love and gratitude