Is there a right way to meditate?

right way to meditate

Hey spunky lady,

I get a lot of questions about meditating. How to do it? What if I can’t sit still? Quieten my mind? etc

In short there is no right way to meditate.

The whole aim of meditating is to be relaxed. So when starting on your meditation journey you have to find some thing that works for you.

Don’t get caught up in the whole process of having to sit there and clear your mind because for some of us it just doesn’t happen that way.

Some people have so much trouble sitting/laying still that trying to actually make themselves defeats the whole process of meditating ggrrr.

We have visions of monks sitting on top of mountains for hours at an end, but realistically this practice takes years to perfect.

The main thing is that you find something that you enjoy, look forward to and that makes you feel relaxed.

You will start to feel the benefits of being connected, calm, peaceful, clarity, and mindfulness even if you take only 10 minutes a day.

Doing a small chunk, often builds up to massive results over time.

So with that in mind here are some suggestions for you to get started:

Guided meditations

To be honest these are my favorite.

This is when you are listening to a CD or in a meditation group where the teacher takes you on a journey.

It can involve healing, connecting with spirit, and adventures to far away lands, connecting you with your Unicorn, dolphins or taking you to healing temples of Atlantis – ahhh bliss.

Sometimes you can be aware of the whole journey, or sometimes you may find that you go off somewhere and don’t remember anything.

If this is the case don’t worry its just that your guides have taken you on a different journey.

If you find your mind wandering while you are doing guided meditations just imagine the thought as a cloud and let it float away, while bringing your attention back to the voice that is guiding you.

The most important thing to remember about guided meditation is not to try too hard.

You may not get an actual picture in your minds eye, you may get a feeling, sense, or hear words – it all depends on what your primary clair is – that is the topic for another post.

Over time and practice your other non-primary clairs will become stronger.

Candle Meditation

This is where you light a candle, stare into the candle and clear your mind.

As you are completely focused on the light of the candle close your eyes, keep visualising the candle light in your minds eye.

If you mind starts to wander, open your eyes and focus back on the candle light. Having some soft, meditative music in the background can help you to you relax

Listen to some meditation music with binaural beats

These music audios are engineered to quickly and effortlessly guide you into a meditative brainwave state – the Alpha level.

The Alpha level brain waves are when you are in that deeply relaxed state (while still awake) or just before you fall asleep.

To get the benefits you have to listen to them through headphones as they play slightly different frequencies  into each each.

When these frequencies come together in your brain they combine to make another  frequency which brings your brain into the Alpha level.

Whoa man – far out – trippy hey

So all you need to do it sit back, put on your headphones and let the beats begin.

Walking Meditation

This is a little different because it’s performed while you are walking. No seriously!

And you have to be mindful while doing this.

A walking meditation is about being completely present in the moment. If you bring you total and complete awareness into the present moment, there is no more room for any other thoughts to enter.

As you walk focus your attention to feeling the ground under your feet.

How your body moves.

The trees and scenery around you.

The sounds and smells.

The colors of the plants, flowers and the sky.

The feeling of the sun, wind rain on your skin.

I love doing a walking meditation in the rain.

When I was in the grips of my post-natal depression, walking was my savior, and still is.

And walking in the rain, was and still is magical and so cleansing.

I would visualise the rain washing over me and cleansing all of the darkness and grit from me and my body.

It was so refreshing.

The kids and I would come home saturated, but oh it was so worth it.

This is also the way I used to listen to all of my audiobooks.

Get outside

If all else fails, head outside – to a park, the beach or by a lake. Take some relaxing tunes on your MP3 player of choice, and notebook and pen.

Sit somewhere quietly, close your eyes and breath in the air. Become mindful and completely aware of your surroundings, like as in the walking meditation – sounds, smells, textures.

If you mind starts to wander, open your eyes and start to some journaling. Get all of that information out of your head and onto some paper so you can make room for new habits and beliefs to form.

Sometimes we need to do some gardening in our minds to remove all of the weeds which are taking up space, to make room for all of the new flowers to grow and blossom.

So I hope this gives you some ideas to get your meditating on.

As for finding time to meditate……..

You don’t find the time, you make the time

And its so worth it. Its just important to find something that works for you so you keep up with it and it becomes a daily habit.

As always I would love to hear your thoughts on this post. Please leave me a comment below, and feel free to send this out to your Facebook and Twitter peeps if you liked it. Muchly appreciated.

Happy meditating – AAAAHHHH

Love and gratitude

me-bioMegan x