Ask your Soul and the answers will come

ask your soulHi beautiful friend,

I am in the process of doing some cleaning and decluttering in my creative space.

I have a big pile of notebooks from over the years of my journey where I have taken notes, asked questions, written letters and made my decisions that have put me on the path to where I am today.

And as I was flicking through, pulling out all of the special quotes, notes and ideas and transferring them to my journal I came across two things.

A great quote that I will share with you in a minute.

And another couple of pages where I have asked some guidance questions and written the answers that have come through.

Have you ever done this? 

If you haven’t I highly recommend you give it a try – you may be surprised by what comes through.

So to get started, create a sacred and safe space for you, or if you prefer, do this outside in your favorite most connected place.

Do a quick centering and grounding exercise, taking some deep breaths and connecting you in with the Divine Source and Mother Earth.

You may want to start writing to get any chatter out of your head.

And then when you feel guided ask your first question. Write the first things that comes through.

Do not judge, think or resist it. Just trust what comes through.

Let if flow through you and onto the page.

Then ask your next question, and let the answer flow.

Try not to read back over things, as this will stop the flow of higher guidance that is flowing through you.

Then ask the next question, and let the answer flow.  And then the next.  And then the next….well you get the picture.

Keep writing your questions and answers until you feel it has ceased.

Now take a moment to look over what you have asked and the answers you have received. Your ego may chime in with “well that’s just common sense”, or “you already know that”.

Thank your ego and let those words slowly fade away like clouds passing.

What did you write? What information came through? Do you feel clearer?

I wanted to share with you some that I wrote about 2.5 years ago when I was just beginning to believe that I could actually start helping people and make a business out of it.

This was time when I had just started studying some courses and had not even really started down my spiritual path, so to speak, although I had done a lot of personal development. I was considering running workshops, and was so worried about advertising etc. I read over these now and I feel a little silly, being so concerned about this stuff.

I still had so many questions and needed some guidance so I asked :

Am I on the right path? 


Will I be as financial abundant as I dream?

More than you could ever imagine. You have to take the first step or you will never know

Do I need to do more studies?

Education is an ongoing process in your lifetime. It is necessary for you to become aware of all of the lifetimes and knowledge you have within you

What about my fliers, do they need to be professional?

Simple is better. Your energy will radiate through the leaflet and those that are supposed to be will be drawn to your classes. It does not matter where they are held. What matters is that you get them out there.

Is becoming an intuitive parenting coach in line with my higher life purpose?

YES, YES, YES helping parents raise spiritual and intuitive children is in so much need right now. The children are calling for you. Start your studies now.

Am I to get Ali Brown’s Business Blueprint now?

This will help to push your business forward in ways you never dreamed. You can have it all my child. Just say Yes.

Yep these were my questions back about 2.5 years ago, and while they may seem basic, I just had so many questions that I needed guidance on.

And it gave me what I needed at the time to help restore the faith in myself and my path and keep moving forward.

So next time you need some guidance, or have so many questions running around in your head.

Get them out, and let the answers flow. For they may exactly what you need at the time.

And ask any question you need guidance on. Your soul does not judge you. It wants to help you get where you are going. It is waiting for you ask it and hear its reply.

And now for the quote I found:


 mmmmmm yummy…….. food for your Soul.

So I would love to know your thoughts on this. Let me know how you go when you do it. I would love to know What did you write? What information came through? Do you feel clearer?

 As always I would love to hear your thoughts on this post. Please leave me a comment below, and feel free to send this out to your Facebook and Twitter peeps if you liked it. Muchly appreciated. Let me know how you go explaining this to your toddlers


Love and gratitude


megan koufos