Time for some self love……Write Yourself a Love Letter

self love - write yourself a love letterIts time for some loving towards yourself.

I get so many questions around how do I learn to trust my intuition, how do I stop the negative chatter in my head?

Well one of the easiest ways that I have found is to open your heart to give and receive more love for you.

And one of my favourite ways is to write yourself a love letter.

Yes write yourself a LOVE LETTER.

Now this may sound strange and even the thought of it may feel a little weird –

but trust me this is one of the best ways to build up faith, trust and gratitude for YOU sweet soul.

You see once you start appreciating you for, well, YOU then others will start to as well.

Its unreasonable to expect others to see the greatness in you if you don’t see it in yourself first.

Filling up your cup of unconditional love for you, so have more unconditional love for others, and opening up your heart to self love.

I know the concept of writing yourself a love letter may make you feel a bit strange at first.

Because having self love is not something we are taught.

So many of us go on the search of finding love, but its only when we truly love ourselves that we open the path for more love into our lives.

Once we give ourselves permission to love us, then we give others that permission.

This isn’t an egotistical thing – this is just real, soul nurturing, open hearted, completely comfortable with you kind of love.

And when you do this it completely opens your heart.


You will feel an outpouring of love and gratitude for everything and everyone around you, including you.

So to start grab yourself some nice paper, and a pen you love.

Make this a special experience.

Then I want to imagine you as your best friend, and start writing a letter to you.

All the things you are proud of yourself for.

And the things you want to give yourself praise and encouragement about.

I’m not going to lie to you, this is going to feel strange – and thats ok.

Its not like you have been encouraged to do this very often, or taught this in school.

So be gentle with yourself, and go easy.

Keep it short.

This is only for you to see.

Then when you are done, fold it up and put it somewhere safe.

Each time you feel down, or start to get hard on yourself, or start to throw yourself a pity party.

Pull your letter out, or write yourself another one.

Make a conscious effort to do this once a week or month – which ever suits you.

And keep them in a safe place to build up love, faith, kindness and nurturing just for you prescious one.

So with that, I have scanned and included one of my letters here for you.

This is extremely vulnerable for me. Because it tells of my greatest desires and hopes.

So I know you will give it the utmost love and respect that it deserves.

love letter


  (Click on my love letter above to open a bigger copy.)



Now its your turn.

Go now beautiful soul and open up your heart to love YOU.

All of you.

Every part of you.

And only you.

Just for these few minutes.

Take this time for you.

Because you deserve it.

All my love and gratitude gorgeous soul



megan koufos