Waiting For The Perfect Time

Hi gorgeous mama,

I made this quick video for you as I was just about to board my plane to LA.

You see for the day before this I was thinking of all the ways that I could possibly get out of going.

And I just wanted to share this with you to show you that if can do this – get on a plane, by myself, leave my family and come half way around the world to come to workshop with some of the most amazing women entrepreneurs in the world – so completely and utterly out of my comfort zone.

Then so can you. Please stop letting those excuses rent space in your head. Because I want you to know that you can totally do it. what ever it is.

And you will not believe it, until you start to experience something different.

But you have to take the action to make that experience happen, to change those beliefs that are holding you back.

So I’m not sharing this with you to brag. I’m sharing this with you, in the hope that me stepping out of my comfort zone, and being truly ok will give you the little push you need to take that next step.

Perhaps that next step that you afraid of.

Enjoy the video. Its messy and there is a bit of background noise, but as I’m experiencing……

There is never a perfect time to do anything, you just have to take the steps now with where you are with the tools you have.

Enjoy the video below

I would love to hear your thoughts, comments and experiences so please leave them below.

Thank you so much for watching and for your support.

Have a beautiful and safe week

Love and gratitude



megan koufos