The 5 Soul Nurturing Ways to Help a Newborn Settle Into Life

5 soul nurturing way to help newborn settle into life


The time when a baby is born is such a precious and sacred time for both mama and baby, but it is also quite a challenging time for the new soul.

You see our souls are enormous, and trying to fit back into a small body takes a lot of effort, time and integration.

All of the sensations that come with being in a body are overwhelming and in some cases down right traumatic for a new born.

It is for this reason that I will not do any soul work or clearing on a baby until they are well past the 6 month mark.

Simply because they have enough to deal with – lights, smells, touch, sensations in their tummy, pooing, drinking, sleeping, trying to communicate, and picking up on every ones energy.

But there are some things we can do, as mamas to help these precious souls integrate into their bodies.

Now I want you to know that each baby is on its own journey, please always respect and understand that.

So by their nature some babies will be more unsettled and fussy than others.

But doing these 5 simple things will help your baby feel settled, secure and help them to integrate easier.

1. Make sure you are well grounded through pregnancy

Our energy bodies are anchored into the Earth through a chakra called the Earth Star.

Every person on the planet is connected to their own Earth Star, and this is what connects us energetically to each other, through the energy lines in the Earth.

Ensuring that you are well grounded through out pregnancy helps the soul of your baby to strongly anchor into their own Earth star when they are born.

This helps them to feel safe, secure, strengthens the aura, and helps with establishing a strong physical connection with being in their body in this time and space, and with their family.

Following birth placing gentle and grounding crystals at the end of their bed under the mattress can help to ground them and establish the connection to their Earth Star.

The crystal I would recommend are Smokey quartz, or Black Tourmaline for grounding and protection, and rose quartz for love and compassion.

For guidance on how to get grounded, and how to identify if you are not adequately grounded can be found here.


2. Take care of your own energetic body through out pregnancy

Just as its imperative to take care of your health and nutrition during pregnancy, so to it is with your energetic body – your aura and chakras.

The state of your energetic body has an effect on how you feel, and it also has an effect on how your new born baby will feel.

Ensure that you are taking time to cleanse and protect your energy body, and if you feel guided seeking theservices of an energetic practitionerwho can help with balancing and clearing your chakras and aura.


3. Close your baby’s aura following birth

When a baby is born their aura is the size of a room.

Have you ever noticed that when you walk into the room when they are sleeping, they somehow sense your presence and start to stir.

They sense your energy, smell and presence with their huge and sensitive aura.

This also leaves them open to absorbing other peoples energies around them, which can be overwhelming for these sensitive little beings.

To close their aura, when you are holding them, simply bring your hand over the top from head to feet, setting the intention to surround them with a bubble of protecting and seal in the outside of their aura.


4. Don’t pass your baby around

I know when a new baby is born, there is so much love and excitement.

Everyone wants to hold them and have a cuddle. And I’m not saying that no-one can have a hold. But consider limiting the amount of people who have a cuddle, just for the first few weeks.

I want you to imagine this from your newborns perspective.

Imagine you are dreaming and so warm in your bed one minute, and then all of a sudden you wake up in a foreign land.

There is one person who greets you when you arrive, and she is so warm.

She smells and feels so nice.

She reminds you of home.

Then all of a sudden the person who welcomed you, the one who has been there from the start passes you to someone else.

There is a new face, smell and feeling.

This person feels different, and doesn’t feel warm.

Then to another.

Then to another.

There are all of these faces looking at you, touching you, you can feel their energy, it feels so foreign, but you can’t speak or move.

The light hurts your eyes, the feel of your clothes against your skin feels so weird.

The sensations in your tummy are weird.

And you keep going from person to person.

Looking for some familiarity.

When you see the familiar person and she is away from you.

Why is she over there?

Sensory overload.

You do the only thing you can let it out.

You cry.

And the familiar woman comes back.

So warm and comforting.

5. Stay at home to rest and heal for at least 30 days

Even longer if you can.

And say in your pj’s.

Ok so I know this is going to be hard for some of you.

But it is so worth it.

I didn’t discover the gift in this until my third baby, and I wish I’d realised this sooner.

This is an amazing time for you both to bond, get to know each other.

For you to heal and create a strong, soulful connection with your baby without the stress or worry about you having to be somewhere, or do something.

Take all of the offers for help that you can, and do you best to focus on your and your new baby.

The time when a baby is born is so precious, and vulnerable at the same time. You know what is best for you baby. Trust you intuition, and do what you feel is right for your new baby.

I hope this post has given you some ideas for yourself or to pass onto friends.

And I would love for you to leave me a comment below to let me know the best tip you received as a new mama.

If you like this post, please feel free to share to your Facebook or Twitter peeps.

Thank you for being here gorgeous one.

Stay amazing and let your beautiful light shine on you today

With Love and gratitude









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