The Secret To Why Sometimes Ending Up Where You Started Is A Good Thing

Hi gorgeous mama,

today I quickly made a little video for you.

And I resisted sharing this due to my messy bed hair and no makeup.

But I really wanted to share this with you, in case it helps you on your journey.

The past few weeks have been really challenging for me.

Recently the energy finally started to shift, and I’ve started to feel excited, renewed and energised.

We sometimes step into an opportunity, and when it is not what we expected, or we do not get the results we had hoped, we can really get down on ourselves, and the situation.

I know, this was me for the past few months.

Not regretting my decision to go to LA, but really wondering what it was all for.

I didn’t get what I expected out of my trip.

And as a result fell flat for weeks.

And it just wouldn’t shift…..until the other day.

Finally the penny dropped, and I’ve found my path again.

And I actually realised the other day that I got a whole lot more than I could have ever expected.

And when things seem like they have not shifted, they have more than I could ever have imagined.

Watch below for whats been happening, and how it has finally shifted.


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Let me know if you have experienced this on your journey and what did you do to release it.

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Big love and gratitude

Megan Koufos

megan koufos