Why Labels Do Not Belong On Our Children

label kids

Hi beautiful mama,

I have something that I really need to get off of my chest.

You will notice that when I refer to intuitive/psychic/sensitive/spirited children, I never label them as ‘crystal, indigo, rainbow, Autistic, ADHD, SPD etc’.

Why? Because I do not like labels.

I believe this creates more separation.

Which goes against everything our beautiful sensitive children are here for.

It almost creates a sense of elitist between the parents of children who do fit into these categories.

And all the children I had the pleasure of working never fit into one category.

They are a beautiful individual mixture of all of the characteristics because they are spectacularly unique.

As are my own spirited, determined and amazingly unique children.

Because we all unique.

We all come with our own gifts, talents, lessons and challenges.

Labels are a way of trying to find a way to make something ‘fit it’ and conform to the descriptions out there, and this so against everything these beautiful children are.

They are beautiful individual, unique gifts brought to help us grow, learn and realise our connection to each other, the Divine and be powerfully proud to stand in our unique authenticity.

Our children are coming to us as answers to our prayers, of the generations before us.

They are here to help us see that we as human beings are evolving and growing, transforming, and that the ‘systems’ of ‘society’ that have held us bound and in our fear for so long will no longer fit as we move forward and raise our vibration bringing in more Divine love and light.

I believe every child has these gifts of intuition, sensitivity, telepathy, and psychic ability, as we all do.

Its they express them in different ways, through different senses – seeing, feeling, knowing, hearing.

The best way for us as their parents to encourage these gifts in our children is to learn about energy and spirituality, to nurture and open these gifts with us – because we all have them.

To awaken the gifts we each have inside of us, embrace them and most importantly share them with the world.

Encourage your children talk about their dreams, get old photos out of passed over relatives, teach them about energy/chakras/feelings/angels/spirit guides/fairies/feeling safe/ energy protection etc.

Validate their feelings and most important of all, never try to label them or make them fit somewhere they know they don’t belong.

I absolutely love Abraham-Hicks and wanted to share this video by which is so aligned with the guidance I have received from my guides about our children.

As always, I would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below, and if you feel guided please share this with your friends.

Stay strong beautiful mama, you are doing an amazing job.

All my love and gratitude

Megan x

Megan Koufos






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