Welcome Home Sweet Soul

I channeled this poem the other day.

I was going to use it and submit to a magazine, but I have decided to share it on my little ole blog.

I hope it finds where it needs to go, and gives you what you need

This is from my heart and my soul to yours:

sweet soul

We came to this world together

You were right there from the start

I could feel your presence around me

Every day,

Every moment,

Every minute.

Then we started to wonder and wander

We started to explore and experience

We began to grow apart

We began to wander away from each other

Until one day

You were gone.

You always promised you’d be there

But you weren’t

Things became so dark and cold

I felt so alone

I called your name and cried rivers of tears

Wishing you would return

But you didn’t

As the darkness engulfed me

I forgot who you were

I forgot your name

I forgot how you felt

I forgot what your embrace was like

I forgot who I was

I wandered for what seemed like an eternity

Trying to find your warm embrace

And although I knew I was deeply loved outside of myself

I could never wholly feel it

For the hole you left, ached

It was like an open wound that would not heal

So I tried to fill it

With food, exercise, seeking love from others, drug and alcohol

But it was still there

So I accepted this is how it would be

Forever seeking

Never finding

Hoping that one day we would be reunited

But I never truly believed we would

Why did you leave me?

Where did you go?

What did I do wrong?

Did you hate me?

Despise me?

This was the only reason I could think of why you would leave.

That there was something wrong with me

I hated me

I loathed me

I lost me.

And then one day my babies arrived

My beautiful blessings and gifts from somewhere

My gifts from the Divine

What Divine?

Where did these spectacular beings come from?

I started to wonder that there must be something greater than myself

But the darkness still engulfed me

Until one day I said enough.

I saw the light in my babies

And used it to guide my way

That light within them, lit the rooms of my heart

And gave me a glimmer

A glimmer of light that I vaguely remembered

And so again I wandered

But this time I knew I wasn’t alone

I followed the light

And then I found more light

And more light

And then a strange and familiar feeling came over me

I had been here before

Although I could not remember how or when

I had felt this before

But did not know where.

And there you were

My memory came flooding back

You were as breathtaking and as beautiful as I remember

You had been there all along

Waiting patiently for the day I would return

You smiled and opened your light to me

I breathed it in

I breathed you in

You asked how my journey had been

And I cried.

Not tears of sadness, but utter joy and relief

You embraced me like only my sweet soul could ever know how

And said rest my sweet soul

You Are Home


I would love to know your thoughts – I’ve never written poetry so would love your feedback

Rest Sweet Soul

Love and gratitude


megan koufos