It Is Time

it is time


It is time

To step out and be proud.

The world is yearning for your love

And your light.

The fear and pain you feel

Is because you hide.

Because you resist and repel

the true expression of your soul’s light.

It takes courage and bravery

to put yourself out there

to be seen

to be heard

to be felt.

For the fear of being judged

of being ridiculed

of being abused

can be so suffocating at times.

But its also so exhausting

stopping your light to shine.

Come out from the shadows,

and show the world your face,

show the world your gorgeous smile,

your compassion and your grace.

For Mother Earth is yearning,

as she needs our help.

For all our children are crying

because they feel your pain,

of locking away the light of your soul,

They say “come out from the shadows

Come out and play.

You will not be alone out here

We will help you find your way.

Trust that we can guide you

If you just give us a chance.

We trust that you can guide us

If you open up your hearts,

To the love and abundance

That exists all around

You just have to open your eyes

to see,

that there is magic to be found.

Focus on something different

and you will amazed at what you find.”

It is time, sweet one

For your, sacred soul to rise.

For so long she has been pushed down


and punished

by those that would control

through their fear and domination

how could they ever know.

That one day

we would all come together

and say




and as we all stand together

Arm in arm

Heart in Heart

Soul in Soul

We grow in strength and power

We grow in oneness and unity

We grow in wholeness and healing

We grow together

One and All.


Love and gratitude


megan koufos