I can’t because I’m fat (and other excuses we use)

Hi gorgeous mama,

How many times do we say I can’t because……..{insert excuse of choice here}

This has been coming up for me a lot lately in the past few weeks.

But for me its about my weight.

And so my left brain – egoic mind is coming up with all sort of stuff to keep me where I am. Again….

I can’t do this because I’m fat…..I can’t be successful because I’m overweight….I can’t do that speaking engagement because no one listen to me because I’m fat……seriously.

This is what my mind chatter has been sounding like for the past few weeks.

And I feel myself thinking seriously again….this issue for me is still hanging around.

And lets be honest, my body issues are one of the biggest issues that I have.

Body issues run in my family, even at my skinniest before I had kids, I had body issues – borderline anorexia where I used to survive on an apple a day – and was petrified of putting on weight.

So now at my heaviest, I realise that it isn’t really the weight that bothers me, its how I feel about me inside.

So more inner work, more loving myself, more time for self care, more EFT and more of the stuff that just makes me feel good. I am working on all of my internal stuff daily so I don’t pass all of my crap on to my kids – especially my daughter.

But here’s the thing, the word can’t is so dis-empowering.

It’s the only word that I have actually banned form my house….

And I can hear you thinking…what is she crazy..there are way worse words than that

Sorry not to me.

The word can’t immediately takes away any faith we have.

It immediately takes the wind out of your sails.

It immediately deflates confidence and enthusiasm.

It immediately takes away your power.

It immediately takes away the idea that you have a choice.

Which beautiful mama soul, you always have a choice.

And there is nothing that we can’t actually do.

There are things that we won’t do.

And there are things that we don’t want to do.

And there are things we’re not sure how to do.

But there isn’t really anything that we can’t do.

And all of these excuses that we come up with are just our left brain’s way of keeping us safe in our comfort zones.

Because once upon a time if we did something that was against our tribe,

or stepped out on our own,

it could mean that we would be kicked out of our tribe,

and that would be mean certain death.

So our beautiful prehistoric brain still has that programming.

But we don’t have the dangers now like we used to back then, all those centuries ago.

So this week I had a big ole ego dump.

I’ve been sacredly surrounding myself with some amazing ladies who are helping me in so many ways.

So instead of keeping this stuff in, I’ve been letting it out.

Because you have to get this stuff out.

You can stuff it down and try and hide it away.

But until you get it out it will keep coming up.

And whether you write it in a forum of ladies who you trust, who can help to lift you up and give you the virtual hugs you need, a letter to your angels, or just a brain dump of getting all of the gunk out.

You have to get it out. And the more you write, the more it will flow, and just let it flow.

Let it all come out

And when you do and your are finished.

Take a deep breath, then make a ritual to delete, burn or release that dump to the white divine light, your angels or to the Universe to make room for something better to come into you life – the full moon is perfect for this.

And then take some time to do something for you – some self love, being present to yourself, a nice bath, cup of tea, glass of wine, a good book, or an early night.

Give yourself permission to nurture your soul, and love yourself.

As always would love to know your thoughts. Leave me a comment below and if you liked this post, please share with your friends.

No more excuses beautiful mama soul

Love and gratitude

Megan Koufos


megan koufos