When The Going Gets Tough……..The Tough Gets Going

withdrawing from the world


Hi gorgeous soul,

I know its been a while since I wrote a post.

and if you have been following me from the start, you will realise that I tend to do this sometimes.

I manage to keep in touch with you for a period of time, and then boom it stops.

And I wanted to let you know WHY this happens.

Because I show up when things are going well, and my vibration is high.

But when things start to get darker, and I move through my shadow work

and journey through the dark night of my soul

I withdraw.

I withdraw to the security of my den.

To do all of my inner most sacred work.

To clear all of my blocks and release all of the things that are holding me back.

I work in the background with my soul, my kinesiologist, my business mentor, and my sacred soul sisters who have seen me at my rawest and most vulnerable.

Why do I withdraw?…..

Because honestly I feel like you are here for inspiration….to be lifted…to be guided….to give you hope to on your journey…

for the days that you are having a tought time…

I feel like I am there to help lift you up

when you do not have the strength to lift yourself up.

On the days you feel like chucking it all in.

But the truth is honey…..

some days and weeks I have my own struggles.

And if I am completely honest

I don’t want to show up during these times.

Because I feel like I’m letting you down if I do.

But you know what…

I am slowly starting to realise than its time to start showing up during my challenging times

because it makes us realise we are in this together.

This roller coaster of life which goes up and down

and up and down

And I am starting to realise that showing up in my darker times of struggle and stretch

Gives you hope and permission to surrender to your down days.

I also know that feeling the struggle of doing things in the physical world is one of my soul group challenges.

and that is why it can take me longer to implement things than a lot of other people.

And this isn’t an excuse – its just a challenge.

That I’ve come to realise

We all move at our own pace, guided by our souls

and that is perfect for us on our journeys

and mine can be a bit slower.

And that’s ok

One step every day.

So today my step was writing this post.

And tomorrow my soul will guide me to the next step

which for now I have no idea what that is.

Just riding the roller coaster.

Thank you for being here.

Thank you for sticking by me.

I am truly honoured and grateful you have.

And I want to know what step are you going to take today to take to day to stretch you to take one step closer to your dreams? 

And is there anything I can do to help you that?

Let me know below.


Love and gratitude


 megan koufos