My Unconventional Take on Night Terrors

My Unconventional Take On Night Terrors - Megan Koufos

It’s the middle of the night, you are fast asleep when suddenly you are woken by a shrieking scream coming from your child’s room.

You run in to find they are fighting with something, but are still asleep.

You can see and feel their fear but feel helpless at what to do.

In the morning your child has no memory of their night terror.

You wonder what is really going on deep in their soul? And how do you help them?

I just want to preface this post by saying this this is my view on night terrors from my own experiences with my own kids, my intuitive training, and through working with hundreds of parents in my soul blueprint process.

These night terrors are the ones where your child is clearly fighting or running from something in their sleep. These are those terrifying, fighting sleep experiences. This is not to be confused with nightmares or scary dreams which can offer valuable learning experiences, which I will explain in another post. I do not share this lightly. However to be authentic I trust you to take what your want from this and make your own decisions and interpretations.

Surrounding our planet are what we refer to as the astral planes.

Every night when we sleep our soul goes to the Astral planes for rest and rejuvenation of our soul, integration work, and to also have learning experiences for the growth and evolution of our soul, which we, for one reason or another, have chosen to have in the energetic realm and not our physical world.

Within these astrals, there are the planes which are in alignment with divine love, light and truth (which are referred to as positive astral planes).

And there are the planes where there is the absence of divine love light and truth (which let call these the absent astral planes). 

These absent astral planes, are dark, heavy, dense, places where no divine love, light and truth aligned soul belongs.

However, often when you have beautiful light beings such as your child, who are here to do some amazing things, helping to bring about spiritual and healing changes, and bring the divine light to Earth,

And they are not fully able to express their gifts and purpose of healing and helping in their daily activities .

They can at night, unconsciously, travel to these absent astrals.

The souls of our children go to these absent astrals on rescue missions to help souls which have become trapped there for one reason or another.

They go in the hope of helping and saving those souls who have become trapped there – those souls who, for what ever reason, who have chosen to disconnect from divine love, light and truth.

However these planes are no place for a light being like your child, as the energy is very heavy, dense and draining.

And it is not your child’s role or responsibility to try and rescue these beings.

But what can actually happen as a result of your child energetically travelling to these planes, is that it can open up an energetic portal to the absent astrals.

And then every night when your child is sleeping their soul will continue to energetically travel there until a conscious decision is made to close the portal down.

So the night terrors that your child is experiencing is as a result of their soul being in these absent astrals.

Being surrounded by the heavy, dense and draining energy that is there.

I want you to know that your child is not being physically harmed in anyway.

It is all energy.

And while it can feel very scary to your child as there are lower level spirits and entities there,

And it is dark and feels very heavy, dense and draining,

And it is a foreign place for them,

Your child is not being physically harmed.

They will not remember their time in the absent astrals as their sub-conscious will block it out.

Its also important to note that as kids get older they will tend to cry out less.

However if they are not remembering their dreams and waking up feeling tired and drained despite having a long night of sleep, this is also another indicator that they are travelling to the absent astrals.

So how do you immediately help your child in the middle of a night terror?

The most important thing is to not yell or shake them, because they are in the grips of fear, and this can make it worse.

If they are throwing their hands around, come in as close as you can without being hurt, and try to stroke their arm, leg, head or face and gently call their name.

Call in their angels and guides, and astral guide and Archangel Michael immediately.

Speak softly, slowly and calmly and let them know they are safe, its time to come back.

Let them know you are there and they are safe.

Keep gently soothing, touching and talking to them until you get an intuitive sense they are back in their body.

I also like to energetically run my fingers from the crown of their head to their feet and swirl in the energy – as if to help anchor them back into their bodies.

Always remember that everything is energy.

And that you and your children are always in control.

One of the most important things you can do, is instill this power in your child. 

Through helping to stand in their own personal power, and set their own boundaries.

And through helping them with energy shielding and connecting them with their angels, or any other light beings that resonate with you and your child.

Here are some strategies to support your child and stop the night terrors from occurring: 

  • Do an angel and energy protection mantra/prayer/intention before they go to sleep. You can call on angels, warrior spirits, animal guides – anything that resonates with you and your child. 


  • Clean and clear the environment of their room, removing clutter and keeping it clean


  • Use essential oils like Juniper Berry, Vetiver and Cedarwood to help support their sleep
  • Teach them about sending love to the monsters/spirits/lost souls – its the most powerful force, and again calling on their angels
  • Make the command to their astral guide to make sure they only travel to positive astral planes in alignment with divine love, light and truth (I include this in my angel protection prayer)
  • Call on their angels and guides to close any open portalways and place a guardian angel by the opening to never be opened
  • Grid their room or under their bed with protective crystals including black tourmaline, and selenite. Amethyst, and smokey quartz are also great. And few chunks of rose quartz placed around their room will help to radiate loads of love energy. They are then surrounded with the energy from the crystals as their soul travels through the astrals.
  • Make sure they are getting lots of activity everyday – outside in the air and really connecting and getting grounded with the Earth. Being ungrounded can also contribute to the night terrors, as when they sleep and their energy expands, being ungrounded can contribute to a feeling of disconnection.

Most important of all, always empower your child that they are in control and give them the knowledge and tools to help them feel safe, secure, and protected.

So I would love to know you thoughts on this post.

Did you find it useful? Does your child experience night terrors? How did you handle it?

I’d love for you to share your thoughts below.

 Love and gratitude







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