YOU are Love


you are love

For so long I tried to do it

As others told me how.

I tried to study what they told me

And do what they said.

And I lost sight of me and what I wanted.

Until one day guided by the light of my soul,

And of my divine babies souls

I started to do something different.

I started to do something way out there.

I lost friends and had arguments.

I was called a fraud and a cheater.

I was outcast and alone.

My husband stuck right by me.

He said baby if this is what you want

Do it, and do it all

With your heart and soul.

And so I did.

I became what I have tried to, for life times before.

I became what I had been ridiculed and punished for.

I became the thing that I feared the most.

But the thing is…

In becoming all that I had ever wanted to be

I didn’t actually become anyone different.

I just dropped my resistance to what was already there.

I dropped my resistance to letting my light shine.

I dropped my resistance to letting my voice be heard.

I dropped my resistance to being a guide for the New Kids.

I dropped my resistance to my souls one true voice.

And with that all of my fears of betrayal, of being hurt and of being alone


Like the smoke screen that had been placed before my eyes.

And no longer was the world a reflection of what I feared most.

But became a reflection of the beauty, love and divine light

That radiates from our souls.

From my soul to yours

You are divine

You are magnificent

You are beautiful


 All my Love and gratitude

IMG_7996megan koufos