Under the light of the moon: A sacred fire ritual to help your kids feel centered, connected and calm

Grrrrr, oooowwwwllll, snort, aaawwwoooo

Standing in my kitchen on the morning of the full moon, I look to my left to see my daughter rolling on the floor, making faces and noises

What is going on? I think to myself.

As a beautiful New Child, she is always full of energy, freedom and expression.

But this energy has feels different.

Ahh then the guidance comes…the full moon is upon us.

I had recently been receiving guidance to……

Be more in touch with your wild woman. She is yearning to get out. And if not embraced and released in healthy ways, she find unhealthy ways to be released. Either way she is coming out.

And there she was lying on the floor……the true embodiment of the wild woman in a divine child form.

Yearning to be free, to pull faces, to roll on the ground…….

and my judgements which had started to surface……why does she have to do this?

Why can’t she just be normal? Seriously people are going to think my child is nuts!!!

And the truth is, these judgements and thoughts came up because I had locked my wild woman away.

I had locked up my wild woman and thrown away the key.

As a child, I used to be exactly like my daughter….free….wild….naked…..full of energy…cheeky……

But over the years, I had lost this to behaving the ways I thought I had to, to be accepted by society and the people around me.

So with the light of the moon upon us, I knew this was the time to set her free, and my daughter was my perfect mirror, guide and companion to do this with.

After a series of events in a short time that day made me re-look at my normal full moon ritual, I was guided to do a fire ceremony.

Taking my usual releasing ceremony and adding in the dance, fire and wild woman aspects.

I told my daughter…..her face lit up……her mouth opened wide and her tongue flew out, and her eyes became wide…

Which I’ve come to realise is her face of expressing her absolute joy and bliss….

And so as evening approached we collected sticks, and all the wood we could muster (yes we were not very well prepared), but I knew we it had to be that night – under the light of the red moon – lunar eclipse.

So we used what we had.

I invited my sister over to join us, and as the darkness fell, the red moon became visible.

We laughed and took pictures.

We made noises and howled and yahooed.

The moon rose, and shone down on us through her red eclipse light.

I lit the fire, with my kids looking on in awe.

It took me back to my child hood. Of nights sitting under the stars, in the outback.

We said a little prayer and mantra to the moon goddess and our angels.

I lit my releasing list and threw it into the fire.

I visualised all that no longer served me, being taken away by my angels, the flames of the fire burning it to be released making room for something better to come.

I called in the light of our souls to fills us up, and heal and realign us to our souls essence.

And then breathing deeply we gave thanks.

Thank you, thank you, thank you I shouted.

As I lifted my face and chest to the moon, with open arms ready to receive what she was about to gift to me.

As something ancient and tribal began to take over.

I could feel the dirt beneath my feet. The strength of the Earth beneath us.

So strong and sure, and yet so soft and caressing.

I felt home, safe and free.

We began to move, I guided my children to move however they felt they wanted to.

We started first stomping our feet,

then swaying our hips,

then moving our torsos,

then our shoulders and chest,

then opening our arms wide to receive and release,

our necks heads, faces, mouths,

letting out howls, yahoos, growls, snorts, kooees.

We started moving around the fire, my kids dancing and making noises….

We were all in absolute ecstasy.

We howled, laughed, screamed, yelled and let it all out under the light of the red moon.

The laughter of my children filled the air.

I could feel the dust, and smoke fill me and surround me.

I could feel my soul yearning and urging me deeper, and louder and more expansive.

And we continued laughing, dancing and making all the noise we could until we had no more wood and the fire died out.

Then we quietly rested under the light of the moon and soaked in her beautiful light.

I felt the shift within me, and within my kids.

For me there was more releasing to come.

But the next day my kids, especially was daughter was calm, she had released and embraced her inner wild woman and she was at peace.

We had handed over to our wild women and let her roam free under the light of the full moon, just like she has done for centuries before.

And for now she rests, until the next full moon which will call her forth.

But for now with the New Moon upon us, the fire ceremony is calling in a different way.

And this time…I’m going to be better prepared.

Love and gratitude

Megan x







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