3 Ways to Nurture Spirituality in Our Kids


nurture spirituality

I get so many questions from mamas on how to do all of this spiritual stuff with their kids.

You see when our babies are born into this world they are more connected to the Divine source than at any other time in their lives.

This connection is open and strong.

Their intuitive and psychic senses are high and off the charts, and their auras are as big as a room.

So if these beautiful gifts are not encouraged and nurtured in our children then eventually, like a muscle that is not worked, they become weak and disappear.

When a child is born their subconscious minds are a completely open and clean slate.

Everything they hear, learn, see, feel from their environment and the people around them goes into their subconscious mind.

Around the age of 7 years their subconscious closes off and everything that they have been absorbing for the past 7 years forms the basis of their beliefs system which governs the way they live going forward.

Around this time is when the fontanelles of the scull tightly fuse together, and it is also around this time that they start to disconnect from source, and start to assert their independence more freely.

So nurturing your child as spirit is easiest in the first 7 years of their life. Now I’m not saying that if you start after this time its impossible, but it is a little trickier – and that is a focus for another post.

I wanted to share with you some of the ways that I nurture my children as spirit and encourage spirituality within them.

Spirituality means different things to everyone.

And to us, it is about exploring and opening up to a world which we see beyond our physical bodies…it is the magic we hear, we sense, we feel, we dream, it is our angels and unseen realms, it is the world that exists beyond our physical, it is the energetic, the mystical and the magical.

Through opening up to the spiritual word, then we are able to see ourselves and our kids as as the divine and amazing beings we are, and that for me, is where soul connection starts to come in.

By all mean these are not only ways to do it, you have to find something that works for you and your family:

1. Bringing fun into the spiritual

The spiritual side of life can become serious at times, so its important to make sure that you bring fun into it. Making games out of the activites, keeps it light so your children will enjoy it and keep their interest, but it also helps you to reconnect with your own inner child.

Laughter and fun heal our hearts. It restores our connection to ourselves and each other, and more is needed in our kids lives.

Creating games to help enhance their intuition, to help them trust their vibes, giving them room for expression of their gifts…in what ever form it comes through.

Using music and movement to help them connect with their body and intuition and be able to sense when something feels good and when it doesn’t.

Using colour that exists in the world around them to help explore how they are feeling, and re-balance their energy.

Making up fun little prayers or mantras to connect with their angels, fairies, the Unicorn realm, and animal spirit guide kingdom and get your children to help you and add their little bits of wisdom.

2. Make room for your children explore their spiritual gifts

Every child has spiritual gifts, we all do.

How those gifts are expressed are different for every child.

So for example in addition to being intuitive and having a strong connection to the fairies and unicorns,  my daughter has the gift of prophecy, telepathy and uses oracle cards to bring me messages all the time.

She will often tell me that a storm is coming, when the sky is blue and sure enough by the afternoon we have a storm.

She will pull out the oracle cards and bring me messages of guidance.

She will often ask for a particular song, or to go a particular way and I will hear or see something that just happens to be exactly what I need at the time. 

My eldest son is extremely drawn to Earth medicine – nature and crystals. He likes to collect ‘Indian Healing Rocks’, shells and flowers, and is more hands on, and very heart focused, he is my little shaman. He knows what to do at the times that I’m in need of some healing or support.

And my youngest is just starting to show us his gifts. He is a beautiful, gentle highly intuitive soul who is a divine mirror and has the ability to hold a very still space for people to shine a light on those parts of us, we don’t always want to see. 

They are all extremely empathetic and express this in different ways.

The most important thing is to give your child the room to express, play and experience their gifts.

And to release any expectations or control around how you want, or believe it ‘should’ show up.
Having some oracle cards, crystals, talking about angels, dreams, vibes, energy and other realms can start to open the exploration.

Don’t worry if they don’t take to it immediately, and never force them.

Just keep the channels open, work at bringing out your own spiritual gifts, and be aware and present, and eventually your child’s gifts will become clear.

3. Learn about spirituality, energy, spirit guides etc

As your child’s first teacher, guide and mentor you are their most important and trusted person in the area of exploring and experimenting with their gifts.

Having some knowledge and understanding of energy, energetic cleansing and clearing, protection, basic crystals, the different clairs, chakras, angels and guides, and any other areas that you feel drawn to.

If there is anything you feel uncomfortable or fearful, be mindful of this, as your child will pick up on your energy and start to create their own fears.

But most importantly have fun and keep it light.

I would love to know how you nurture spirituality in your child in the comments below. And if you have enjoyed this post, please share it out to your peeps.

Love and gratitude






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