I was born into the world as a cooky, boundary pushing intuitive wild child, who would eventually become disconnected from her truth, by putting on her good girl mask and doing what she “should” do – and have journeyed for the past 12 years doing deep inner word to reclaim and re-birth her into the world.

I left my corporate IT career over 12 years ago to follow the calling of my heart and soul I haven’t looked back.

I have journey through disconnection, infertility, PCOS, conscious conception, death & rebirth, & post-natal depression to find my way back to my divine sovereign wholeness deep into the depths of who I thought I was, to peel back all of the layers that I’d built up over the years, to remove all of my false masks and identities, to reconnect, remember and reclaim the deep connection to my soul, my truth and my own method of magic in this world. I’ve stripped myself bare and slowly reclaimed all of the parts of myself I’d forgotten over the years. And I’m here as a loving guide to remind you – you are perfectly, whole and complete.

Welcome Star Beam

I’m Megan,  Welcome to your Remembrance & Creation of your Legacy. I’m here as a Keeper of Cosmic Codes & bridge between the cosmos & Earth, as a guide and voice for Starseeds, Spirited Kids & Kids in Spirit.

As a maverick mama (to 4 starseeds), a wife to my lover of 20 years, INFJ, Capricorn Aquarius cusp, with Scorpion rising & Libra moon, Channel for The Council of Light & Collective Consciousness of The New Earth Evolutionary Children, and steward for The New Earth (R)Evolutionary Archetypes –  I bring a unique embodiment of practical magic and cosmic creation. To create a unique, like nothing else, galactivated multidimensional smorgasboard of offerings, integrated in the practicality of everyday life, motherhood, soul & purpose to be the cosmically activated creative artist of your own beautifully chaotic, messy life.

My mission, however it looks in the physical world, is here to guide other (R)Evolutionaries of Light out of the darkness and into the light, to activate the remembrance of your sovereign soul truth & magic, to ignite the ambers of your cosmic creation, reclaim your voice, and become the master creator of your own magical life (while colouring outside of the lines). Creation, and bridging the seen and unseen worlds is at the essence of what I do.

I am here to guide you to become the master creator of your own magical life (while colouring outside of the lines)

Its time to REMEMBER you were created from the stuff that makes stars and worlds

Underneath this all is a deep soul urge and belief that we as a species are evolving through remembering – and I am here to support that evolution & expansion. Our Evolutionary New Earth Children are here as the answers to our prayers, but we are the wayshowers to push through the muck so they can do what they’ve come here to do. So whether you are a parent or not I am here to support you to help create the massive shift in perspective so the world sees our children as the divine embodiment of god and the wisest teachers our earth could ever have wished, and its through their ‘challenges’ that they crack us wide open to see and feel in ways we did not expect. To reparent & raise ourselves to RISE with our incredible children – and CREATE THE LEGACY OF LIGHT for ourselves and future generations.


is this you?

I work with star seeds, way showers, visionaries, magic makers, New Earth Evolutionary kids and their parents who are ready to remember, activate & expand into their divine multidimensionality essence & cosmic power of creation.

I am a seer and visionary who supports my clients to see beyond to shift perspectives, and open up to other ideas and possibilities that have not been considered.

 My coaching, mentoring and personalised sessions come in different essences – which at the core of it is cosmic creation birthing into the world whether its babies, your dream life or your soul magic being brought from the cosmos and anchored into the Earth.

I am a creative visionary artist who channels & anchors new technologies and creations in the world infused with light codes and language, sacred geometry, higher dimensional being wisdom and soul colours to activate, & expand revolutionaries of light.

I have a deep soul urge for being a voice of expansion & activation for our incredible starseed evolutionary kids, and supporting women, mamas & parents with calling in, conceiving & raising the next generation of Evolutionary Leaders (including supporting women who have experienced pregnancy loss (through miscarriage, abortion or stillbirth) to heal, be heard, and if she chooses, conceive again.)

As a big feeler who speaks from my heart, I facilitate a space facilitating a space for healing into wholeness, guiding clients back into their hearts and open up the space for them to deeply feel, release, to crumble into the loving supportive arms of a nurturing guide, and hold this space while she builds herself up again.

"My Experience With Her Was Real & Transforming"

The first thing I noticed about working with Megan was her compassionate presence and focus. She makes you feel like you are the only other person in the world. Megan has impeccable inner beauty and an uncanny sense of intuition. I don’t fully understand the nature of her gifts, but I do know that my experience with her was real and absolutely transforming Hire her if you are looking for a deeper sense of connection, to yourself and your life. She is the realest deal I have come across in a long time.
– Kirri White, Passionate Life Coach & Writer – 

"Megan Has A Special Gift & I Am So Happy To Have Found Her"

I found Megan’s distant crystal healing session to be beautiful. I felt so relaxed and at peace after the session and I had the best night sleep I had had in ages. In the days afterwards, I was able to deal with some stressful situations with much more clarity and less emotional fall out. I would recommend anyone to give it a go and see what difference it makes for you. Megan has a special gift and I am so happy to have found her.
– Sonia Donaldson, Natural New Age Mum –

"She Truly Is Very Gifted........Sh's The Real Deal"

Thank you so much for my intuitive reading. It was very deep and in places quite confronting for me, but at the same time uplifting and liberating. I cannot express enough my gratitude and appreciation for you sharing your gift and the work you do, you are truly amazing, talented and generous.
To anyone reading this I cannot recommend Megan and her services highly enough; she truly is very gifted. She tapped into my energy and delivered personalized guidance that was perfect for me at the time- she’s the real deal! and extremely warm, and friendly.
– S Rook, Queensland, Australia –

"If You Haven't Had A Healing With Her Yet, Do Yourself A Favour. Go & See Her"

My healing with Megan was one of the most exquisite and effortless experiences I’ve had on a healer’s table. From the moment I stepped into her house of sacred treasures, I felt completely safe to let go and receive the healing I’d come for. I blissed out as Megan covered me in crystals, played crystal singing bowls and beat her beautiful drum over me. Megan is an absolute gem (pardon the pun). If you haven’t had a healing with her yet, do yourself a favour. Go and see her.
– Emma Shields –