end of year ceremony

honour, reflect & complete the past |
intend, open & activate the future

end of year ceremony

  • Are you ready to FUCK OFF 2020 with LOVE, GRATITUDE & REFLECTION?

  • Do you have some thoughts, feelings, or situations that you are ready to release and let go of to move into the new year with clarity and lightness?

  • Would you love to powerfully call in your 2021 vision with intention and purpose, anchoring and activating your vision with powerful potentiality?

Join me in this ONCE A YEAR CEREMONY to give yourself some time and sacred space to reflect, release and then call in and ACTIVATE your vision for 2021, .




the year

WOW 2020. We knew it would be a big year. In January I called it The Year We Return To Our Roots – and I had no idea what that would actually look like.

To say its been a massive year of changes, and upheval – is an understatement. And 2021 will be even bigger – as we pull back the veil completely on the world, and step into our sovereign power as divine creators.

And before we move into the energy of 2021, its important and powerful process to take some time to reflect on the passing year and honour it for all that has brought to your experience and life.

Every year I run an End of Year Ceremony to reflect and release on the year that has been, and vision and activate the year that is coming.

This year is no different, although I’ve felt called to do it a little different.

There is SO MUCH NOISE swirling around, and I don’t want to add to that noise. I’m changing and shifting so rapidly – and my guess is you are too. I don’t know what will feel aligned in a week, let alone a few weeks.

After the massive year we’ve ALL experienced, being told what to do, how to do and when to do it, I wanted to create something you could do in your own time, space and alignment.

Following the call of your own song, to go within, reflect on your year, release what you are called to, and then vision & activate your 2021 with intention and soul.

SO I’ve created this incredible End of Year – Honouring Your Journey Ceremony, to Honour, Reflect & Complete The Past AND Intend, Open & Activate The Future (actually 3 ceremonies included).


"Megan held space gently and with purpose"

Working with Megan through her Guided Ceremony was wonderful. Megan held the space gently and with purpose as she took us inside to explore who we really are. Megan gave us tools to take forward into our lives, and I’m excited to work with her again.

– Adam James Poole –

"Truly take you into your heart space to connect with your soul "

Megan’s guided soul medicine journeys truly take you into your heart space to connect with your soul. Holding space so beautifully, she takes you far enough along the journey and then allows your own imagination and intuition to lead the way. The light language is such a special message for the moment. I always leave this space regretfully but know that I can always find my way back. I can’t recommend Megan’s work enough.

– Emma Mauro –

"She has the ability to hold you and help you raise higher "

From the moment Megan commits to you and holds you in her vortex, you feel her. Megan has been an unwavering support for me, a pillar of strength, standing calm and strong in her knowing but giving such a fierce support at the same time. I love Megan’s ability to lovingly call me forward and invite me higher when she can sense I’m hiding out. To have Megan in my corner is a blessing, if you are thinking of working with Megan I can’t recommend her highly enough. You will always feel her love and support, no matter where you are in the world, she has the ability to hold you and help you raise higher.

– Laura Fox, Sha’s Magic –

"She is such a beautiful light being with so much love in her heart for everyone"

I feel blessed to have Megan as my mentor. She is such a beautiful light being with so much love in her heart for everyone! Her loving, caring and competent support has helped me through a lot of challenges. I am forever grateful and love you Megan!

– Samia Lilge –



included in this once a year ceremony to complete and honour your massive journey this year and vision and activate the energy of 2021 is:

  • A 2020 reflection and honouring ceremony, including:
    • a powerful guided drumming journey through the timeline of your 2020 to help you gain clarity, understanding and closure that you desire
    • a ceremony playbook including details with how to set up your sacred space, and create the container to hold your energy and intention for the ceremony
    • journaling and reflection exercises to help you get clear on your year, your breakdowns and breakthroughs, lessons, and transformations
  • A releasing guidebook and process to support you in releasing anything no longer in alignment as you prepare to step into the new year
  • A 2021 Intention & Activation Ceremony, including:
    • a guided soul journey visualisation of your future year,
    • journaling and reflection exercises to support you in clarifying and grounding your vision and intentions for 2021
    • a creative exercise to create a physcial vision of your year, and nourish and nurture your intentions for 2021
  • An expansive guided soul meditation to seed, activate and anchor your 2021 vision in your physical experience

PLUS a bonus Guidebook with additional creative exercises to seed, nourish and nurture your intentions for 2021 – using oracle cards, creative play, the powerful process of creating a prayer stick, and creating your 2021 altar.

This includes over 6 hours of guided process and ceremony rituals to fuck off 2020 with the highest amount of love, reflection & gratitudeand call in the energy for 2021 with the greatest expansive pure potentiality

All of this available for you to go at your own pace and time, honouring your own cycles and choosing how and when to do your ceremony based on your own energetic & soul alignment. The 2020 Reflection & Honouring Ceremony will be available to you immediately, with the subsequent ceremony process sent to you over the next few days. You can choose to do the whole ceremony at once, or in stages – its entirely up to you.  


the journey & experience

It begins with  setting up your space, honouring the ancestors, and then a guided journey to take you through your year, with deep reflection and honouring your year through journaling exercises to support you.

You will then move into releasing any last remnants, situations, or feelings to allow the expansion of your energy for opeing upto the energy of the new year.

Your Intention and Activation Ceremony takes you on a guided journey to the future to visualise your 2021, coupled with journal exercises to deepen this vision, and fun creatiion process to bring this vision to life.

A finally you will complete the process with a guided activation journey to anchor your vision into the Earth,the divine realm and every cell of your body, feeling your body pulse and expand with the light of your future vision.

All this will be sent to you over the next few weeks – to give you time to complete each ceremony without the need to feel rushed or like you are ‘behind’. Your own time. Your own space. Your own sovereign process and power.


The incredible go-at-your-own-pace 3 Part Ceremony


You get over 6 hours of sacred guided processes & ceremony rituals as specified above to Honour, Reflect & Complete the past AND Intend, Open & Activate the future, including:

  • A 2020 Reflection and Honouring ceremony (including with a guided drumming journey, ceremony playbook and journaling and reflection exercises)
  • A Releasing guidebook process
  • A 2021 Intention & Activation Ceremony, (including guided ‘future year’ soul journey, journaling and reflection exercises, and a creative ritual to create a physical vision of your year),
  • An expansive Activation & Anchor guided soul meditation
  • PLUS a bonus Guidebook with additional creative exercises to seed, nourish and nurture your intentions for 2021 




When will I receive my ceremony information?

This End of Year Ceremony is a completely go at your own pace ceremony with everything being sent to your inbox for download over the coming days and weeks. You will receive access to your materials for the 2020 Reflection and honouring ceremony immediatly after purchase. You can choose to do each stage over time, or waiting to have access to all of the materials to do it all at once – its entirely up to you. your own time. Your own pace. In line with your own soul and energy.

Will you be doing an in-person or virtual event this year?

At this stage no. I am taking some time away with my family over the holidays, and wanted to provide you with something powerful to honour and reflect on your year, and activate the New Year with intention and vision. If there is enough interest I may look at holding one in January – depending on what feels in alignment for me at that time.

If you have any further questions